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Candice did it! So can you.

Candice did it! So can you. We can help.

Successful long term weight loss is easiest to achieve with a knowledgeable and supportive team guiding you, and a proven program working for you. At Island Health Weight & Wellness, our doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners have been helping people achieve a healthy weight for over 20 years. Regardless of your starting point, we can design an individualized weight management program that helps you lose weight and maintain your  health and happiness for years to come.

Our experienced, multidisciplinary staff will guide you through every step of your program. From your free consultation, to helping you understand your insurance coverage, to long-term support that helps you keep weight off, you will have access to our proven weight loss tools and a caring team of providers that care about your success. We can provide a program designed exclusively to meet your needs, with:

  • Medical supervision
  • Nutritional and exercise guidance
  • Behavioral and lifestyle counseling
  • Affordable options (discounts for uninsured)
  • No contracts
  • Continued support after you reach your goals

No insurance coverage? Try our cash-only Jump Start program. $149 to start plus any additional testing. Learn more about the Jump Start program

Whether you’ve found us through friends and family members or were referred by your physician, we can offer a healthy, reliable path to your weight loss goals. We understand that weight loss can seem intimidating, but with the help of our team, you can improve your quality of life and prevent, minimize or reverse many weight-related medical conditions. Schedule an appointment today to begin working towards a healthier, happier you.

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