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Pass on the Salt for Weight Loss

Posted: Feb 27 in Blog by

When you reach for a snack, do you prefer sweet or salty? Researchers believe that a predilection for salty foods could have its basis in genetic makeup or even evolution, as salt has historically been used as a preservative for food. Regardless of the reasons, experts agree that the average American consumes far too much sodium daily. If you’re trying to lose weight with a medical weight loss program, controlling your salt intake is one important step in developing a healthy lifestyle and diet. [Read more]

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Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary for Sleep

Posted: Feb 25 in Blog by

It is time to go to bed. What does that mean in your household? Does getting ready to go to sleep meaning turning off the TV and pulling the covers over your head? Or does it mean clearing your bed of the laundry, paperwork and other random clutter that has accumulated over the course of the day? [Read more]

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The Happy, Healthy Weight Loss Office

Posted: Feb 12 in Blog by

Having a healthy home is crucial when you’re trying to lose weight, but home isn’t always where you’ll spend the most time, or even where you’ll be most tempted to break your diet. Most of us spend around 40 hours each week at our jobs, and these hours can be filled with social pressure to eat unhealthy foods (lunch meetings and birthday parties), rushed or skipped meals (around hard-to-meet deadlines) and a whole lot of unneeded stress. [Read more]

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Planting the Seeds of Stress-Free Weight Loss

Posted: Feb 05 in Blog by

When you think of the world’s best workouts, gardening may not make the list. Yet, getting your hands dirty can be some seriously strenuous work. Researchers estimate that gardening can burn about 300 calories per hour on average, while the figure rises to well over 600 calories if the work becomes a bit more difficult. [Read more]

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Steve V. – Lost 48.6 lbs

Posted: Apr 26 in Success Stories by

I looked at the IHWW program for several years before deciding to participate. After 12 weeks and the loss of 50 pounds, I wish I would not have waited so long. My results with Island Health Weight and Wellness have been wonderful! IHWW provided me the expertise, guidance and products to lose, quickly and safely. I haven’t felt this good in years! [Read more]

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