Program Cost Calculator

Because one-size-fits-all approaches to weight loss are rarely successful, your medical weight loss program will be designed with your individual goals and needs in mind. This means that the cost of your individualized program will vary based on the tools you choose to help you be the most successful at losing weight.

Programs like our OPTIFAST Plan and Quick Start Plan will require the purchase of prepackaged meal replacement foods, but the Traditional Plan will not. While one patient may need to purchase 2 meals per day, another may need to purchase five or six. Some patients will also choose to utilize an appetite suppressant medication. Based on factors like these, program costs will be different for every individual. This reflects the variety of programs available at our weight loss center.

We will be able to give you a much more accurate analysis of costs during your free consultation with our medical staff. Please let us know if you have any questions about the fees associated with your weight loss program.

Calculating the Real Cost of Medical Weight Loss

Meal replacement products are used in lieu of your normal diet. During phases of your program that use full or partial meal replacements, you will be spending considerably less on groceries and eating out, and this can actually end up saving you money. Even in one of our traditional diet plans, which focus on teaching you to cook your own healthy meals, you will be eliminating costly habits like going out to dinner and buying to-go lunches.

Many people find that a weight loss program costs less than buying normal groceries and eating out during the same timeframe. The average American spends about $151 on food each week*, and in Hawaii, food costs are 66% higher** than the national average! You can get a more accurate idea of how much you spend by totaling the costs of groceries, eating out and medications for weight-related conditions that may no longer be needed after medical weight loss.

How Much do You Spend on Food Each Week?

Enter the dollar amount you spend on each expense in the food cost calculator below.


When we’re discussing the cost of your program, remember this weekly total. Subtracting some or all of these expenses from the price of your weight loss program can give you a better idea of how much medical weight loss will truly cost.

* “Americans spend $151 a Week on Food” 2 August 2012

** “What are Food Prices like in Hawaii?” 22 April 2013