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Reclaiming your life

Posted: Oct 29 in Blog by

We often contribute substantially to the problems and hardships in our lives.  We get into the habit of behaving a certain way, and tend to stick with these habits, even when they harm us or make us unhappy.  Will Rogers once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”  I think it’s one […]

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You Can Do This, We Can Help

Posted: Aug 05 in Blog by

You can do this.  You can succeed in your efforts to lose weight, change your lifestyle, get back in shape and regain control of your life.  The first step is choosing to believe you are capable of making these changes.  Second, you have to make the decision to start.  If you have made the decision […]

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People to Avoid while Doing a Medical Weight Loss Program

Posted: Apr 12 in Blog by

Who are your bad influences? You’re ready, you’re excited – but not everyone is on your team. In fact, some people may even try to sabotage your efforts to really change habits and lose weight. Though you’re sure to find friends and family members who are supportive of your goals, you may also encounter pushback, […]

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Developing a Weight Loss Support System

Posted: Sep 30 in Blog by

Support can come from many places during a medical weight loss program. Developing a support system in Honolulu that includes a variety of helpful individuals can make your weight loss journey more successful and enjoyable by giving you the advice and encouragement of many different people. [Read more]

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Get Fit with Friends During Medical Weight Loss

Posted: Jun 02 in Blog by

Having some friends to support you will be a big help during medical weight loss, and a workout partner is the perfect place to start. Ask some of your friends if they’d like to hit the gym with you—both of you will benefit! [Read more]

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