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Healthy Diet (part two)

Posted: Oct 20 in Blog by

A healthy diet incorporates plenty of healthy carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruit.  Fruit and vegetable consumption is inversely proportional to all-cause mortality.  Simply put, your risk of dying is lowered by each of the first 5-7 servings of fruits or vegetables that you consume daily.  Less dying is good.  Increased vegetable consumption can help […]

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Healthy Diet (part one)

Posted: Sep 29 in Blog by

What is a healthy diet?  This is a question which can only be answered with caveats.  A healthy diet for a person with diabetes, food allergies or celiac sprue is different than for someone without these ailments.  The subject of this blog is a healthy diet for someone without a chronic disease which requires special […]

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The Truth About Losing Weight

Posted: Sep 18 in Blog by

Calorie restriction is essential.  Weight loss will only happen with calorie restriction by some method.  There are many approaches to accomplishing this goal.  You should choose an approach that you’re comfortable with and believe you can stick to.  No three day wonder diet is likely to produce lasting results.  Be consistent with your diet plan, […]

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Dieting to Lose Weight

Posted: Aug 05 in Blog by

Reduce your calorie intake.  It is essential to reduce calorie intake in order to lose weight.  Regular exercise can boost the pace of weight loss a little, not a lot.  Yes, you can out eat any exercise habit.  Find a structured diet approach that you’re comfortable with and go for it. Be as consistent with […]

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Make Any Meal ’Light’

Posted: Apr 02 in Blog by

Cooking Low-Calorie Cooking for yourself and your family can be challenging when you’re on a medical weight loss program. Here are some tips for keeping your pace of weight loss up and the calories of your meals down. Pad your meal with veggies – small portion sizes are often not psychologically fulfilling and our brain […]

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