Jump Start!

The Jump Start! program is Island Health Weight & Wellness’s way of offering affordable care to patients whose insurance does not cover our services, but who are still excellent candidates for a medical weight loss program. This is a “fee-for service” program meaning the patient pays a certain dollar amount for each service or product that they need.

The Basic break down of costs for this program are:

Initial Medical Visit $249.00
EKG* $45
ELG $28
Urinalysis* $9
Labwork* Varies
Supplements Varies
Medication Varies

*These Items may be done at another doctor’s office.. They MUST be less than 3 months old in order to be utilized at IHWW.

Follow up medical visits are $49 and testing is done on an as needed basis based on standard protocols as well as the progress, health history, and complexity of the patient.

Tax is 4.712% on all medical services.