Traditional Plan

Traditional Plan DietAt Island Health Weight and Wellness, we work with you to create weight loss programs that meet your needs. Our traditional plan is designed to help you lose weight using healthy foods and fitness strategies. The ongoing support and guidance of our medical weight loss team makes it possible for you to achieve greater weight loss results than you would through these means on your own.

Unlike our medical weight loss programs that feature meal replacement products, the diet of a traditional weight loss plan will use standard foods available at your local food store. This weight loss program will teach you strategies to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle.

The traditional weight loss plan at Island Health Weight and Wellness includes:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Fitness training
  • Ongoing medical guidance and support
  • Meal planning

Along with dietary changes, participants are encouraged to exercise regularly to achieve better weight loss results.

About the Traditional Weight Loss Plan

The traditional weight loss plan encourages weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes. This includes changing the way you think about food, making healthier dietary choices and exercising more often. During the traditional weight loss plan you will learn strategies that you can incorporate for improved health.

Two Dietary Plan Options:

The High-Protein Diet

This plan lays out a well-balanced diet that is particularly rich in protein. Emphasis in this diet plan is placed on:

  • Lean protein sources
  • High-fiber vegetables
  • Fruits

During this dietary plan you will reduce your consumption of carbohydrates, sugars and fatty foods.

The Calorie-Counting Program

This is a low-calorie diet program that allows you to eat any foods you would like, but in smaller quantities. This weight loss plan focuses on calorie consumption and is our most flexible diet plan.

During this program you will be encouraged to track your calorie consumption in a food journal. You will be given a calorie allotment and can make food choices freely throughout the day until that allotment is met.

The Traditional Diet plan will:

  • Create a diet plan suited to your metabolic needs
  • Increase your nutritional knowledge
  • Permit flexibility in food choices
  • Initiate permanent, sustainable dietary changes

When following the traditional diet plan it is possible to eat out, but it is recommended that you stick with self-prepared foods so you have absolute control over portion sizes and ingredients used. This medical weight loss program will reduce the burden of adopting a healthier diet by providing you with a meal plan. All you need to do is commit to it.