Lost 40 lbs in 10 weeks

Mike B. from Honolulu:

Mike Buck, better known as the Voice of Honolulu, has nearly a half-century-long career in broadcasting, from TV to radio news, emceeing and even acting on stage. In the 1980s, at his highest weight, Mike weighted in at 524 lbs and had sleep apnea, diabetes, and numerous other weight-related conditions that impeded his career and happiness. Mike underwent gastric bypass surgery that he says saved his life. He lost over 250 lbs! However, a few years after his successful surgery, Mike felt the weight creeping back on and was diagnosed as clinically obese at 260 lbs.

Partnering with Island Health Weight & Wellness helped him continue the lifestyle changes necessary to keep the weight off long term.

“I had previously been successful on the Optifast weight loss program and I tell you, I was so happy to find Island Health Weight & Wellness and the Optifast program in Honolulu. In my first 2 weeks, I lost 16.4 pounds and have since hit my goal weight, having lost almost 50 pounds! Even my shoes are looser!! And, most importantly, I’m keeping it off!

Listen folks, eating fatty, sugary food is not a reward, it’s a punishment. So do what I did – call Island Health Weight and Wellness.”