Patient from Aiea

Lost 94 lbs in 13 months

Patient from Aiea:

I originally thought gastric bypass was the only way for me. I had slowly become over 100 pounds overweight. I attended two orientation classes and what I learned was that even though you have the surgery, you still have to change your eating habits. I decided to give dieting one more try before I rearranged my digestive system through surgery. I figured since I had to change my eating habits anyway with the surgery maybe I could just change my eating habits and not have the surgery. I saw the ad for Island Health Weight & Wellness and Optifast and decided this was my last chance without surgery.

I started at 294 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches (extremely obese, pre-diabetic with above limits cholesterol). My knees hurt so much I got cortisone injections in my knees every two months. After dieting for 13 months with IHWW I have lost 94 pounds. My last weigh in was 200 pounds (I’m no longer pre-diabetic, cholesterol is normal, still overweight but not obese, I haven’t had cortisone injections in 6 months, my blood pressure has never been as low as it is now). I stayed on the program as much as possible but there were a few periods (two vacations and the Christmas holidays) when I didn’t really adhere to the diet. The staff helped me through these periods to get me to my goal. My original goal was to weigh less than 200 pounds; I have revised that to 190 pounds. Just 10 more pounds but it is not the end. I know it is a constant struggle to keep my weight under control. I now walk at least 5 miles, 6 days a week to stay fit and help maintain my weight. Thank you Island Health!